Friday, March 5, 2010

I'm a writer. Now what?

You walk into a used bookstore, a drugstore, a library, a cafe, your local Barnes & Noble. There's always that revolving metal rack of paperback novels. You know the kind: The author's name is in raised, shiny letters, bigger than the title, and the paperbacks are all excessively 'genre'; either Western or Romance or SciFi or ChickLit or Suspense or, worst of all, any genre + 'Romance. Eg. Supernatural Romance. Courtroom Drama Romance. Romance Romance.

And you think, my ideas are one helluva lot better than these bozos'. Why won't someone publish mine?

That's what this blog will be: A collection of resources for furthering your career as a writer.

If you've tried to get published before, you know the Catch-22: Agents are, in general, unwilling to take a risk on someone who's never been published before. And you can't get published without an agent. Here's a tactic I'd like to suggest: Work on your short stories. It's far easier for an unpublished author to publish their short stories than their novels, and once you have a few publications under your belt, you'll likely be taken more seriously be agents.

If you don't even know who this 'agent' guy is that I keep mentioning: He represents your novel to prospective publishers. Gone are the days of Faulkner, Hemmingway, and Fitzgerald; you can forget your daydreams of intimate relationship with Scribner & Co.

In conclusion: Check out this blog if A) You need help turning your novel into something even remotely attractive to agents and publishers. B) You need help turning your biography into something even remotely attractive to agents and publishers. C) You need help getting in touch with those pesky and elusive agents and publishers.

Check back soon for a variety of resources!

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